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SandRibbon for WPF
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SandRibbon Overview

A mixture of controls size themselves dynamically to fit the screen.
Why not try a live, interactive demo of the product right inside Internet Explorer!

Note: We will be ceasing to sell new licenses and support renewals for all Divelements user interface components at the end of July 2013.

SandRibbon is our implementation of the Office Ribbon user interface, offering both the Office 2007 and Office 2010 visual styles. The ribbon concept is a compelling replacement for traditional menus and toolbars. Our product exposes virtually all of the features of the ribbon user interface through bespoke WPF elements and controls, styled and templated with a choice of seven color schemes. We fully comply with the relevant UI guidelines, to bring you peace of mind when integrating the product into your own applications. Configuring and using the wealth of features offered is easy and intuitive using XAML and the powerful designer integration in Visual Studio 2010.

Along with the user interface controls packaged in this suite we also offer other classes to help with integration, such as a recently-used documents manager and easy live preview support. Your users can have the flexibility to customize your application with a quick access toolbar and ribbon minimization. If you enable full customization, they can also dynamically add and remove shortcuts to controls to the quick access toolbar. Persistance of this customization is made easy with simple state serialization support.

Being fully vector-based, high DPI and WPF scaling are supported in all ribbon elements. If you use a vector icon package, your icons will scale too.

Resizable galleries can provide a strong visual link between buttons and formatting and appearance options, with a straightforward API for owner-drawing their contents. Dynamic adaptation of your window to user selections is simple with contextual tabs containing features only available for certain selections. You can specify a rich variety of sizing options for each group of controls, and in this way your ribbon will always make the most efficient use of screen real estate possible. Our product is the only implementation of the ribbon interface supporting the full range of dynamic resizing from Office, and doing it fast.

Integration is made even easier with support for WPF commands. By linking SandRibbon buttons and menu items to existing commands, you can implement a dynamic, functional user interface with localized command text without writing a single line of code. We also extend the commanding architecture by making it possible for your application to signal other command states, such as a checked state for buttons like Bold and Italic. This is easy to consume and is shown in the demo application. Popups can contain galleries, color pickers, headings and other controls along with the more traditional menus. You can choose to use ribbon context popups instead of the stock WPF context menus, to take advantage of these tools.

More dynamic resizing with the bespoke, attractive system color scheme.

You can choose to use our ribbon window rather than the WPF Window class, to instantly transform your application window into a themed, Aero Glass aware carbon copy of the Office 2007/2010 windows. This can be used standalone or in combination with SandRibbon ribbon and status bar controls, which are automatically embedded into the window frame. Choosing the color scheme for your windows is as easy as setting a property, and it can even be changed at runtime. Creating a new ribbon window is as easy as choosing the template from the Add New Item dialog in Visual Studio.

SandRibbon is a robust, production-ready toolkit that fully supports high DPI and native WPF scaling. Your users can be assured of accessibility with full keyboard access provided to all controls, including keyboard navigation with developer-defined quick access key hints and directional navigation in galleries and lists. Enhanced "super" tooltips give the user more information than their standard counterparts, including descriptive text and imagery. Deployment of your application in a web browser is possible with full XBAP support. Full right-to-left support means you can deploy your application into any locale in the world and be assured your users will get the best experience possible.

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