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Wizard Framework for WPF
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Wizard Framework Overview

Note: We will be ceasing to sell new licenses and support renewals for all Divelements user interface components at the end of July 2013.

Wizard Framework is a small, lightweight control suite that makes it easy to develop robust wizards for your application. Its simple API makes it very straightforward to add and configure pages, and controlling how the user can navigate from page to page is a matter of setting a few properties. Dynamic routing through pages based on decisions made in other pages is easy to set up with useful helper methods designed to reduce the amount of code you need to write to make the wizard work as you envisage. We include special start and finish pages which alter their appearance appropriately for the theme in use.

We make full use of WPF support for styling and templating, which means that if you want to customize the look and feel of the wizard you can do so. This capability is used internally to automatically switch to the Aero Wizard look and feel when running under Windows Vista. Even common icons selected for use in the wizard change their appearance automatically. You can rest assured that when you deploy your application, your wizards will take on an appearance appropriate to the environment in which they are running.

Animated transitions are employed when the user switches between pages at runtime. The developer can choose between a variety of transition types and speeds to give your application a distinctive feel. This level of interface "polish" is facilitated by the WPF platform on which the product is built and serves to subtly enhance the user experience.

The designer integration shipped with Wizard Framework adds the finishing touches. An intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate the wizard at design time just like the user would at runtime; inserting and designing pages as necessary. Reordering of pages is as simple as drag-and-drop. A Wizard Window template in the Add New Items dialog in Visual Studio makes it a two-click operation to add a fully-functional wizard to your project. The helpful InformationBox control helps make your application maintainable by simplifying common text and image display problems.

Deployment of your application in a web browser is possible with full XBAP support. Full right-to-left support means you can deploy your application into any locale in the world and be assured your users will get the best experience possible.

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